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There are six main lessons, each with a series of worksheets, including this 3-part lesson on the past, present, and future tenses. These provide lots of examples and opportunities for practice through extensive and varied exercises. The lessons teach students how to use verbs in their everyday writing.

Learning how to write verbs correctly is far more interesting when they are applicable to our own personal lives. At HelpingWithVerbs, the student becomes engaged in the website because the worksheets present factual information about the world around them, both past and present.

Each worksheet is packed with information on historical events, the natural world and/or legendary people; therefore, not only will students develop their written communication skills, but they will also learn about the world around them. This takes the focus away from the grueling grammatical exercises and puts the focus on the information.

Get started with the first lesson on Action Verbs

Recently Added: We've been adding lots of new resources including these verb lists. For example, if you're looking for verbs starting with r, you'll find that here.

More about verbs

Verb Definition

A verb is a word or group of words that expresses action, shows a state of existence or links the subject to the rest of the sentence. Sentences may have more than one verb, but they need at least one. A verb phrase is several words working together as a verb.

Verb Examples

  • Verbs express action. Paul runs across the street.
  • Verbs are linking verbs that join the subject to the rest of the sentence together. They feel glad. feel links the subject, they to the verb, glad.
  • Verbs indicate time. They went shopping. Past time. The school will end in June. Future time.
  • Verbs indicate number. Ben drank water. One subject, Ben.
  • Verbs indicate the person for the subject, usually the doer of the verb. First person, I or we. I love reading. Second Person, you. You look good. Third person, he, she, it, or they. She is nice.
  • A verb phrase is several words working together as a verb. The people were gathering around the bus stop.

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You will read definitions, examples, lessons and do worksheets to develop your use of action verbs, linking verbs, and singular and plural subject verb agreement. also provides lists of verbs for you to refer to when doing your own writing.

Also, if you're looking more help to improve your writing, you'll find some here at our sister site,

Writing Tip: Knowledge breeds wisdom and kids love to learn. Each one of our worksheets provides a unique wealth of information about a specific topic. Not only will students develop grammatical skills, but they will also acquire new knowledge about the world around them.

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