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List of Phrasal Verbs (with examples)

Phrasal Verbs With ...

Note: Be aware that many phrasal verbs have multiple meanings and that only one meaning for each is shown in the lists below.

With "get"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
get around be mobile My mum is old, but still gets around.
get at imply What are you getting at?
get away go on holiday We were looking forward to getting away for the weekend.
get back return from somewhere The house was cold when we got back.
get by cope or survive They are not wealthy, but they get by.
get on board a vehicle The bus stopped so we got on.
get out leave He was told to get out after they argued.
get over recover It is hard to get over the loss of a pet.
get rid of dispose of She got rid of everything that reminded her of him.
get together meet up We planned to get together next weekend for a chat.
get up rise from seat or bed I get up at 6.30 a.m. every morning.
get across be understood I wanted to get my feelings across.
get back retrieve Eventually I got the book he borrowed back.
get in enter We didn't get in the house until midnight.
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With "take"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
take after resemble They say I take after my father.
take care of be responsible for She took care of her plants.
take on undertake He struggled after taking on too many tasks at work.
take out remove from a place Take the money out your purse and spend it.
take off clothes The last thing I take off at night are my socks.
take aback surprise or shock She was taken aback when a joke was made about her.
take aside isolate and talk to privately He was taken aside and spoken to about his behaviour.
take over assume control The government took over control of the train company.
take through explain Take me through your plans for the garden.
take up accept I'd like to take up your offer.
take down record in writing He was asked to take down  some notes of the meeting.
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With "up"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
put up tolerate She put up with her insulting language.
set up establish They set up a new business in the city.
show up appear or arrive He showed up five minutes late.
shut up stop talking He rudely told him to shut up.
stick up defend He stuck up for his father when he was criticised.
use up consume the last amount Please use up what's in the fridge before going shopping.
break up end a relationship They'd been together for four years before breaking up.
do up renovate I bought this house and will do it up.
cut up chop into pieces Cut up the tomatoes and put them in the salad.
turn up appear unexpectedly My son just turned up at my house.
warm up prepare for exercise Always warm up before playing football.
come up thought of I have come up with a good idea.
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With "out"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
break out escape He helped the inmates break out from prison.
check out inspect or look at The family checked out the swimming pool as soon as they arrived.
drop out stop before completing He dropped out of college after the first year.
fall out diminish a relationship The siblings fell out over their mother's will.
figure out deduce or calculate It took her six minutes to figure out the final part of the crossword.
fill out add information to He needed to fill out the customs form before crossing the border.
find out learn or discover He found out he was adopted when he turned eighteen.
hand out distribute The teacher handed out the permission slips.
leave out omit The coach left her out of the team because she was injured.
run out use the last of something They were worried when they ran out of toilet paper.
keep out deny entry Close the window to keep the mosquitoes out.
cut out eliminate Cut out excessive sugar from your diet.
hang out relax in a casual way She decided to stay home that night and just hang out.
point out draw attention to or highlight The flight attendant pointed out the emergency exits.
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With "put"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
put off postpone They put their wedding off until next year.
put on pretend or insincere Her smile was put on; she didn't find it funny.
put up accommodate I told my cousin I could put her up for four days only.
put down criticise I took his reluctant praise as a real put down.
put out extinguish Remember to put the fire out before going to bed.
put together compile or assemble Her boss asked her to put together all the likely outcomes.

With "over"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
get over recover from It took her months to get over losing the championship game.
go over review or explain The teacher offered to go over the lesson again.
hand over give They had to hand the keys over when they sold their house.
look over review or examine Matt  looked over his son's homework.
think over consider or reflect on I'll think over the choices before deciding which hotel to pick.
talk over discuss We talked over the idea of immigrating.
take over gain control The local taxi company got taken over by a bigger rival.
pull over temporarily stop a vehicle The driver felt tired so decided to pull over.
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With "look"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
look after take care of She looked after her elderly father.
look forward to await eagerly I am really looking forward to meeting you for a chat.
look into investigate They looked into the history of the village.
look out be aware The cyclists looked out for potholes on the road.
look up admire or respect He looked up to his older brother.

With "set"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
set off start a journey They set off on holiday.
set up arrange or organize The best man set up the stag do.
set about start a task with determination It was a difficult job, but they set about it nevertheless.
set aside isolate for later use Chop up the herbs and set them aside to  garnish the dish.
set back delay or impede Failing the exam was set back for his university plans.
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With "on"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
carry on continue It was late, but we decided to carry on our journey.
count on rely on He was a good worker that the boss could count on.
drag on become tedious This lecture has dragged on for over two hours.
hang on pause or wait briefly The assistant asked me to hang on while she answered the phone.
keep on continue doing something I decided to keep on my diet even though it was difficult.
take on undertake I was busy at work but agreed to take on one more task.
try on wear clothing as a trial The shop has a changing room where you can try on clothes.
cut back on reduce consumption I need to cut back on my beer drinking.
brush up on refresh one's knowledge I should brush up on my French language skills.
get on have a harmonious relationship She got on really well with her sister-in-law.

With "fall"

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
fall through  not happen The new house plans fell through when planning permission was refused.
fall out end or diminish a relationship They used to be friends, but they fell out.
fall behind fail to keep up or maintain He lost his job and fell behind with his rent.
fall for be tricked or fooled He fell for the scammers story.
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