Verb Chart: Examples With "To Be"

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Examples of the Verb “To Be” - am / is / are

The “To Be” verb is, by far, used the most in the English Language. We may use it as the main verb or as an auxiliary verb. Here are examples of the “To Be” verb in sentences.



Positive Statement

Negative Statement





Am I late?

I am late.

I'm late.

I am not late.

I'm not late.

Are you busy?

You are busy.

You're busy.

You are not busy.

You're not busy.


You aren't busy.

Is he tired?

Is she tired?

Is it tired?

He is tired.

She is tired.

It is tired.

He's tired.

She's tired.

It's tired.

He is not tired.

She is not tired.

It is not tired.

He isn't tired.

She isn't tired.

It isn't tired.


He's not tired.

She's not tired.

It's not tired.


Are we ready?

We are ready.

We're ready.

We are not ready.

We aren't ready.

We're not ready.

Are you coming?

You are coming.

You're coming.

You are not coming.

You're not coming.

You aren't coming.

Are they related?

They are related.

They're related.

They are not related.

They aren't related.

They're not related.

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