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List of Verbs Ending With y

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accompany decay
acidify decry
alloy defray
ally defy
amplify deify
annoy delay
apply demystify
beatify deny
betray deploy
bouy destroy
bray dignify
bully dirty
buoy dismay
bury disobey
buy display
carry disqualify
certify dissatisfy
clarify diversify
classify dry
codify electrify
comply embody
convey employ
copy empty
crucify enjoy
cry envy
exemplify miscarry
falsify mislay
fancy modify
flay mollify
fly monkey
fortify mortify
fray multiply
fry mummify
glorify mutiny
gratify notify
harry obey
horrify objectify
hurry occupy
identify ossify
imply pacify
indemnify parley
inlay parody
intensify pay
jockey personify
justify petrify
key pity
lay play
levy portray
magnify pray
marry preoccupy
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prey study
pry supply
purify survey
putrefy tally
qualify terrify
ramify testify
rarefy tidy
ratify toy
reapply travesty
rectify try
relay understudy
rely unify
remarry untidy
remedy vary
repay verify
reply vitrify
resupply worry
retry x-ray
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