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List of Verbs Starting With a

Starting With Other Letters

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abandon accompany
abase accomplish
abbreviate accost
abdicate account
abet accrue
abhor accumulate
abide accuse
abjure ache
abolish achieve
abominate acidify
abort acknowledge
abound acquaint
abridge acquiesce
abrogate acquire
abscond acquit
absolve act
absorb activate
abstain actualise
abstract actuate
abuse adapt
accelerate add
accept address
acclaim adhere
acclimatise adjoin
accommodate adjourn
adjust agree
administer aim
admire air
admit alarm
admonish alert
adopt alienate
adore align
adorn allege
adulterate allegorise
advance alleviate
advertise allocate
advise allot
aerate allow
affect alloy
affiliate allude
affirm allure
affix ally
afflict alter
afford alternate
age amalgamate
agglomerate amass
aggravate amaze
aggregate amble
agitate ambush
agonize ameliorate
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amend ape
americanise apologise
amortize apostatise
amount appeal
amplify appear
amputate appease
amuse append
anaesthetise applaud
analyse apply
anchor appoint
anger apportion
angle appraise
anglicise appreciate
animate apprehend
annex approach
annihilate appropriate
annotate approve
announce arbitrate
annoy arch
annul argue
anoint arm
answer armourplate
antagonise arouse
antagonize arraign
anticipate arrange
arrest attain
arrive attempt
arrow attend
articulate attenuate
ascertain attract
ask attribute
asphalt attune
aspire auction
assassinate audit
assault authenticate
assemble authorise
assert autograph
assess automate
assign avail
assimilate avenge
assist average
associate avert
assume avoid
assure awake
astonish awaken
astound award
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