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List of Verbs Starting With b

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babble barter
back base
backfill bash
backfire bask
backslide baste
bag bat
bail bathe
bait batter
bake battle
balance bawl
ball be
bamboozle bead
ban beam
bandage bear
bang beat
banish beatify
bank become
bankrupt bed
baptise bedevil
bar befriend
bare beg
bargain beget
bark begin
barrack behave
barricade behead
belch bisect
believe bite
belittle blab
bellow black
belong blacken
belt blackmail
bemuse blame
bend blanch
bequeath blank
bereave blare
berth blaspheme
beseech blast
beset blaze
bespangle blazon
bestow bleach
bet bleat
betray bleed
betroth blemish
better blend
bevel bless
bewilder blight
bewitch blind
bicker blink
bid block
bind blockade
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bloom border
blossom bore
blot borrow
blow boss
bludgeon botch
bluff bother
blunder bottle
blunt bottom
blur bounce
blurt bound
blush bouy
board bowl
boast box
boat boycott
bog brace
boil brag
bolster braid
bolt brainwash
bomb braise
bombard brake
bone branch
boo brandish
book brave
boot bray
booze break
breathe bug
breed build
breeze bulk
brew bully
bribe bump
brick bunch
bridle bundle
brighten bungle
brim bunk
bring buoy
bristle burden
broadcast burgle
bronze burn
brood burow
browbeat burst
brown bury
browse busk
bruise bust
brush butt
brutalise butter
buck button
buckle buttress
bud buy
budge buzz
buff bypass
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