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earn emasculate
ease embalm
eat embark
ebb embarrass
echo embed
eclipse embellish
economise embezzle
edge embitter
edit emblazon
educate embody
efface embolden
effect emboss
egg embrace
ejaculate embroider
eject emerge
eke emigrate
elaborate emit
elbow emphasize
elect employ
electrify empower
electrocute empty
elevate emulate
eliminate enable
elude enact
emancipate encase
enchant ennoble
encircle enquire
enclave enrage
enclose enrapture
encompass enrich
encounter enrol
encourage enroll
encroach enshrine
encrust enslave
encumber ensnare
end ensue
endorse enter
endow entertain
endure enthral
enforce enthrone
engage enthuse
engender entice
engrave entitle
engulf entrap
enhance entreat
enjoy entrench
enlarge entrust
enlighten enumerate
enlist envelop
enliven envisage
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envy exaggerate
equal exalt
equalize examine
equip exasperate
eradicate excavate
erase exceed
erect excel
erode except
err exchange
erupt excite
escape exclaim
escort exclude
establish excommunicate
esteem excrete
estimate excuse
estrange execrate
evacuate execute
evade exemplify
evaluate exempt
evaporate exercise
even exert
evict exfoliate
evoke exhale
evolve exhaust
exacerbate exhibit
exhume extinguish
exile extirpate
exist extol
exit extort
exonerate extract
exorcise extradite
expand extrapolate
expatriate extricate
expect extrude
expedite exude
expel exult
expend eye
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