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fabricate feast
face feather
facilitate federate
fade feed
fail feel
faint feign
fake feint
fall feminise
falsify fence
falter fend
familiarise ferment
fan ferret
fancy fertilise
farm fetch
fascinate fiddle
fashion fidget
fast fight
fasten figure
fathom file
fatten filibuster
favor fill
favour film
fawn filter
fax finance
fear find
fine flick
finger flicker
finish flinch
fire fling
firm flip
fish flirt
fit float
fix flog
fizzle flood
flag floor
flake flounce
flame flounder
flank flour
flap flourish
flare flout
flash flow
flatten flower
flatter fluctuate
flavour flute
flay flutter
fleck fly
flee foal
fleece foam
flesh fob
flex focus
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foil forward
foist fossilize
fold foster
follow foul
fondle found
fool fracture
forbid frame
force fraternize
forcefeed fray
forebode freak
forecast free
foresee freeze
foreshadow frequent
forestall freshen
forfeit fret
forge frighten
forget frill
forgive fringe
fork fritter
form frolic
formalise front
formulate frost
fornicate froth
forsake frown
fortify frustrate
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