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List of Verbs Starting With g

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gab get
gag ghost
gain gird
gallivant give
gallop glamorize
galvanize glaze
gamble gleam
gang glean
garble glimpse
garden glisten
gargle glitter
garland gloat
garner globalize
garnish glorify
garrote gloss
gash glove
gasp glow
gather glue
gauge gnaw
gaze go
gear goad
generalize gobble
generate golf
germinate gossip
gesticulate govern
grab grope
grade ground
graduate group
graft grovel
grain grow
grant growl
grasp grumble
grass grunt
grate guarantee
gratify guard
gravel guess
gravitate guest
graze guide
grease guillotine
greet gulp
grieve gurgle
grill gut
grimace guzzle
grin gyrate
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