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List of Verbs Starting With i

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ice impose
idealize impoverish
identify impregnate
idle impress
idolize imprint
ignite imprison
ignore improve
illtreat improvise
illuminate impute
illustrate inaugurate
imagine incapacitate
imitate incarcerate
immigrate incarnate
immobilize incense
immortalize incinerate
immunize incite
immure incline
impale include
impart inconvenience
impersonate incorporate
implant increase
implement incriminate
implore incubate
imply incur
import indemnify
indent inhibit
index initial
indicate initiate
individualize inject
indoctrinate injure
induce inlay
industrialize innovate
infect inoculate
infer inquire
infest insert
infiltrate insinuate
inflame insist
inflate inspect
inflect inspire
inflict install
influence instigate
inform instil
infringe instill
infuriate institute
infuse institutionalize
ingest instruct
ingratiate insulate
inhabit insult
inhale insure
inherit integrate
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intend intoxicate
intensify intrigue
inter introduce
interact intrude
intercede inundate
intercept invade
interconnect invalidate
interest invent
interface invert
interfere invest
intermediate investigate
intern invigorate
internalize invite
interpolate invoice
interpose invoke
interpret involve
interrogate iron
interrupt irradiate
intersect irrigate
intertwine irritate
intervene isolate
interview issue
interweave itch
intimate itemize
intimidate iterate
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