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List of Verbs Starting With m

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magnetize mean
magnify measure
maintain meddle
make medicate
man meditate
manage meet
mangle mellow
manipulate melt
mantle memorise
manufacture mend
maraud mention
march merge
marinate mess
mark metal
marry mew
martyr migrate
mash militarize
mask milk
massacre mill
mast mime
master mince
match mine
mate minimize
materialize mint
matter mirror
mature miscarry
misdirect monopolize
misinterpret mop
misjudge mope
mislay moralize
mislead mortgage
misplace mortify
misrepresent motorize
miss mount
misspell mourn
mistake mouth
mistreat move
mistrust mow
misuse muddle
mitigate muffle
mix mug
moan mull
mob multiply
mobilize mumble
mock mummify
model munch
moderate murder
modernize murmur
modify mutilate
modulate mutiny
moisten mutter
molest muzzle
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