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List of Verbs Starting With p

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pace part
pacify partake
pack participate
package partition
pact pass
pad paste
paddle pasteurize
padlock pasture
pain pat
paint patch
pair patent
palm patrol
pamper patronize
pan patter
panel pause
pant pave
paper paw
parade pay
paralyse pearl
paraphrase peck
pardon pedal
pare peddle
park peek
parley peel
parody peep
peg perspire
pen persuade
penalize pertain
pencil perturb
penetrate peruse
people pervade
pepper pervert
perceive pester
perch pet
percolate petition
perfect petrify
perforate philosophize
perform phone
perfume phosphorate
perish photograph
perk phrase
permeate pick
permit picket
perpetrate picture
perpetuate pierce
persecute pig
persevere pile
persist pilfer
personalize pillage
personify pilot
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pin plunder
pinch plunge
pine poach
pipe pocket
pirate point
pirouette poison
pit poke
pitch polarize
pity polish
placate pollute
place polymerize
plagiarize ponder
plague pontificate
plait pop
plan popularize
plane populate
plant portray
plaster pose
plate position
play possess
plead post
please postdate
plot postpone
pluck pot
plug potter
pound present
pour preserve
powder preside
practice(US) press
practise(UK) pressure
praise presume
prattle presuppose
pray pretend
preach prevail
precede prevaricate
precipitate prevent
predetermine prey
predict price
predispose prick
predominate print
preexist privilege
prefer probe
preform proceed
prejudge process
prelude proclaim
premeditate procrastinate
preoccupy procreate
prepare produce
presage profess
prescribe profile
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profit provide
program provoke
progress prowl
prohibit prune
project pry
proliferate publish
prolong pucker
promise puff
promote puke
prompt pull
pronounce pulp
prop pulverize
propagate pump
propel punch
proportion punctuate
propose puncture
propulse punish
prosecute purchase
prospect purge
prosper purify
prostitute purr
protect pursue
protest push
protrude put
prove putrefy
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