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List of Verbs Starting With r

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race read
rack readjust
radiate reaffirm
radicalize realise
rage realize
raid reap
rail reappear
rain reapply
raise rear
rake reascend
ramble reason
ramp reassemble
ransack reassume
rap reassure
rape rebel
rate rebound
ratify rebuff
ration rebuild
rationalize rebuke
rattle recall
ravage recap
rave recapture
ravish recast
reach recede
react receive
recharge recycle
recite redden
reckon redeem
reclaim redeploy
recline redevelop
recognise rediscover
recollect redistribute
recommence redo
recommend redraw
recompose reduce
reconcile reek
reconfirm reel
reconquer reembark
reconsider reenlist
record reenter
recount reerect
recover refer
recreate refill
recriminate refine
recross refit
recruit reflect
rectify reform
recuperate refract
recur refresh
recut refrigerate
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refund reintegrate
refurnish reintroduce
refuse reinvest
refute reinvigorate
regain reissue
regenerate reiterate
register reject
regress rejoice
regret rejoin
regrind rejuvenate
regularize rekindle
regulate relapse
regurgitate relate
rehabilitate relax
rehearse relay
reheat relearn
reign release
reimburse relegate
reimpose relieve
rein relish
reincorporate reload
reinforce relocate
reinsert rely
reinstall remain
reinstate remake
remarry reply
remedy report
remember represent
remind repress
remodel reprimand
remove reprint
remunerate reproach
rename reprobate
renew reproduce
renounce republish
renovate repudiate
rent repute
reopen request
reorganize require
repack requisition
repaint rescue
repair reseat
repatriate resell
repay resemble
repeal resent
repeat reserve
repel reset
repent reshape
replace reside
replant resign
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resist reveal
resolve reverberate
resort revere
resow reverse
respect revert
respire review
respond revile
rest revise
restore revisit
restrain revitalize
restrict revive
resume revoke
resupply revolt
resuscitate revolutionize
retail reward
retain rhyme
retake rib
retaliate rid
retire ride
retort ridge
retrace ridicule
retract ridiculize
retry rifle
return rig
reunite ring
rinse row
riot rub
rip ruffle
ripen ruin
ripple rule
rise rumble
risk ruminate
rival rummage
rivet run
roam rush
roar rust
roast rustle
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