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List of Verbs Starting With s

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sack see
sacrifice seek
sail seem
satisfy seize
save select
saw sell
say send
scald sentence
scale separate
scare serve
scatter set
scold settle
scorch sew
score shade
scrape shake
scratch shape
scream share
screw shave
scribble shear
scrub shed
scrutinize shelter
seal shift
search shine
secure ship
seduce shiver
shock skid
shoe skip
shoot slap
shop slaughter
shorten slay
shout sleep
shovel slide
show sling
shower slip
shrink slit
shrivel slow
shrug smash
shut smear
sigh smell
sign smile
signal smoke
signify snatch
sin sneeze
sing sniff
sink snore
sip snow
sit soak
size soar
skate solve
ski soothe
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sort squeal
sound squeeze
sow stabilize
spare stain
spark stamp
sparkle stand
speak stare
specialize start
speed startle
spell state
spend stave
spill stay
spin steady
spit steal
split steer
spoil stem
spot step
sprain sterilize
spray stick
spread sting
spring stink
sprout stir
squash stitch
squat stop
squeak store
strap supervize
strengthen supply
stress support
stretch suppose
strew surpass
stride surprise
strike surrender
string surround
strive survey
stroke survive
struggle suspect
strut suspend
study sustain
stuff swallow
stumble swap
stylize swear
submit sweat
substitute sweep
subtract swell
succeed swim
suck swing
suffer switch
suffice symbolize
suggest sympathize
summarize synchronize
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