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List of Verbs Starting With t

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tabulate tease
tack telephone
tackle televize
tag tell
tail temper
taint tempt
take tend
talk tender
tally term
tame terminate
tamper terrify
tan terrorize
tangle test
tap testify
taper text
tar thank
tariff thatch
tarnish thaw
taste theorize
tattoo thicken
taunt thin
tax think
teach thrash
team thread
tear threat
threaten tipple
thrill tire
thrive titillate
throb titivate
throttle toast
throw toddle
thrum tolerate
thrust toll
thumb tone
thunder tool
thwart top
tick topple
tickle torment
tide torture
tidy toss
tie total
tighten totter
tile touch
tilt toughen
timber tour
time tow
tinge toy
tinkle trace
tint track
tip trade
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trail trick
train trickle
trample trigger
transcend trim
transfer trip
transfix triple
transform triumph
transfuse trot
transgress trouble
translate trump
transmit truncate
transpire trust
transplant try
transport tuck
transpose tug
trap tumble
travel tun
travesty tune
tread turf
treasure turn
treat twinkle
tremble twist
trench twitch
trespass type
triangulate tyrannize
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