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Am, are, is, was, or were?


Write either am, are, is, was, or were to best complete the sentences below.

1. They were both very sad when they heard the news.

2. Jack and Paulinewere engaged last week.

3.There were fifteen people at last night's meeting.

4. There was no surprise when the winner was announced.

5. Jack and Samare going to school tomorrow.

6. When I first met my wife, shewas a teacher.

7. They are stopping their payments now.

8. She was going to the park but has just changed her mind.

9.When Iam finished with work, I am going to the party.

10. I am the second of three children in my family.

11. My sonis watching TV at the moment.

12. I am a happy man now.

13. She is going to go there next week.

14.Itis now that we need to act on climate change.

15. What are the current President and Vice-President's names?

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