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Future Tense Verbs Worksheet One of Two

Worksheet (1 of 2) on Future Tense Verbs

Mini Lesson

When we want to write about what is going to happen in the the future, we make the simple future tense verb "To Be" and the verb root word. This is a verb phrase.


Solar powered energy will be more widely used in the future.


Circle the future tense verbs in the sentences. The first one has been done for you.

Circle the simple future verb shall or will .
1 We will use solar power in our homes for both lighting and heating purposes.
2 In countries like USA, Australia, and South Africa where the sun shines a lot, they will increase their use of solar power by an enormous amount.
3 As long as the sun shines, solar energy will always be a renewable resource.
4 We will get more efficient at capturing the suns energy and turning the power into more widespread devices for our homes and industry in the near future.
5 By 2004, the world production of solar energy will exceed 1 billion watts.
6 Governor Schwarzenegger will keep to his 2005 promise that 1 million solar roofs be installed.
7 Over time, the solar panels will pay for themselves through lower energy bills and tax breaks.
8 Solar power will be seen every where.

There will no greenhouses gas effect by solar power.

10 In addition to saving the atmosphere from polluting gases, solar powered applications will reduce the use of up to 98% water required compared to conventionally generated electricity.

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