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Future Tense Verbs Worksheet Two of Two

Worksheet (2 of 2) on Future Tense Verbs


Future tense verbs are actions or events that will happen in the future.


Will cattails perform important natural, environmentally friendly functions that will help make the wetlands healthy?


Answer the questions in complete sentences. The first one has been done for you.

Research cattails on the world wide web or at a Library for the answers.
1a Will you make mini water features in and around your community to provide an important habitat for cattails which will provide a home for many species of water fowl, as well as making a home for frogs, salamanders, moose, elk and deer?
1b Yes, I will build mini wetlands and plant cattails to provide a home for animals.
2a Will the root system of cattails help prevent erosion by waves and boats along marshes, ponds, canals, reservoirs, streams, shorelines and enhance the watershed system?
2b Yes, the root system of cattails will prevent erosion.
3a Will cattails often be the first plants to colonize areas of newly exposed wet mud?
3b Yes, cattails will be the first to pollinate a muddy area or pool of water.
4a Will developed wetlands that have cattails improve the water quality because cattails filter runoff as it flows into the water system?
4b Yes, human made or natural wetlands with cattails will improve the quality of the environment around them.
5a Will the presence of cattails change the levels of chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and nitrates in the soil and water efficiently because they are a natural filter?
5b Yes, cattails act as a filter to clean the water and will change the levels of chemicals in the water ecosystem.

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