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Past Tense Verbs Worksheet One of Two

Worksheet (1 of 2) on Past Tense Verbs


A verb is an action word. It tells what someone or something is doing. The helping verb "To Be" plus the action verb make a statement.


We were riding our bicycles along the city paths.

"were" is the helping verb "To Be" and "riding" is the action verb.


Circle the helping verb and the action verbs in the sentences below. The first one has been done for you.

Circle the verb "to be" and the "ing" word.
1 Riders were pushing their bicycles with their feet because there were no pedals yet.
2 In 1819, riders were wearing out their boots.
3 In 1839 it was worrying to balance on two wheels.
4 In 1842, people were riding on sidewalks and were knocking over pedestrians.
5 Cyclists were being fined five British shillings.
6 In 1863, inventors were adding pedals and cranks to the bicycle.
7 In 1885, Starley was experimenting with a steerable front wheel.
8 Women were taking to the bicycle because it gave them freedom to travel further.

In the United States between 1900 and 1910 the automobiles were filling the roads. Children were playing with the bicycles.

10 In the late 1960s American's were becoming aware of the health and environment benefits of the bicycle and there was resurrecting of the bicycle.

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Worksheet (1 of 2) on Past Tense Verbs


Past tense of the Verb "To Be" + verb + ing Complete sentence
I was ride ing = I was riding.
You were invent ing = You were inventing.
She was help ing = She was helping
He was laugh ing = He was laughing.
It was rain ing = It was raining.
We were jump ing = We were jumping.
You were shout ing = You were shouting.
They were fight ing = They were fighting.

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