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Worksheet 2/2 on Past Tense Verbs

Mini Lesson
Definition The past tense verb is an action word that tells us about something that has happened in the past. It tells what someone or something was doing.

Orville and Wilbur Wright learned how to fly a plane.

learn + ed = past tense of the verb to learn

Directions Circle and then write the past tense verbs. The first one has been done for you.


Some sentences have more than one Past Tense Action.
1 In 1899, the Wright Brothers designed their first aircraft after writing to the Smithsonian Institution for flight experiments.    designed 
2 They invented and tested their design of the small glider biplane for control.       tested,     invented     
3 They further learned about and then developed the method of wing warping; arching the wingtips.      learned,    developed
4 The Wrights noticed air flowing over the curved surface of a bird's wing created lift.      noticed,      created
5 Orville and Wilbur hoped and believed that they could copy the birds wings.       hoped,      believed
6 The brothers recognized that control of the flying aircraft would be the hardest problem to solve.   recognized 
7 In 1900, the Wrights successfully finished and tested their new 50 pound biplane glider.      finished,        tested   
8 They studied both unmanned and piloted flights.
9 The brothers predicted that people would probably not fly in their lifetime. They soon changed their prediction.      predicted,      changed
10 On December 17, 1903, Orville Wright piloted the first successful flight in history.        piloted

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