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Present Tense Verbs Worksheet One of Two

Worksheet (1 of 2) on Present Tense Verbs


The simple present tense verb is action happening right now. The sentence is either a statement; I read. Read is the action.

And/or, the present progressive verb tense is an event that is ongoing right now; We are reading. Are is the "To Be" verb stating that the event is happening right now and the verb plus ing; reading, is the progressive verb telling us that it is continuing.

The action is happening right now and I am saying the sentence at the same time.


Between 70% to 90% of honey bees are dying world wide. ~are is the simple present tense verb "To Be", an event happening right now. ~ ing is the present progressive verb tense, an event that is happening now and is continuing.


Circle the simple present verbs and the present progressive verbs. The first one has been done for you.

1 Entomologists are warning humans that bee colonies are dwindling.
2 Officially termed, Colony Collapse Disorder, CCD is blaming air pollution, genetically modified crops, agor-chemicals and cell phone radio waves.
3 Albert Einstein predicated, "When the honeybee is becoming extinct, the human race will follow within four years."
Present Tense of the Verb "To Be"
I am We are
You are You are
She is They are
He is They are
It is They are

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Worksheet (1 of 2) on Present Tense Verbs

4 Honey bees are to the health of the Earth like a canary is to a mine. They are a sign telling us of dangers. If the canary dies there is leaking of toxic gas in the mine shaft. Get out. If the honey bees are dying, our Earth is dying.
5 No scientific study is able to discover exactly why the bees are disappearing.
6 Often, there are not any dead bees in the vacant hives leaving research wondering where are all the bees?
7 In Argentina, the bees are resistant to mites, but in the US, bees succumb to the invading mites.
8 Genetically modified crops weaken the bees.
9 A colony is a series of generations, but adult bees are dying before they reproduce.
10 When bees are healthier they fight off the mites and survive to reproduce.
Here is a list of flowers you can plant in and around your community to encourage and support bees. Think indigenous species, local plants, when growing your garden. Entomologists know that bees like the flowers mentioned here. The second name is the scientific name of the flower.
Aster ~ Aster Black-eyed Susan ~ Rudbeckia Caltrop ~ Kallstroemia Creosote Bush ~ Larria
Currant ~ Ribes Elder ~ Sambucus Goldenrod ~ Solidago Huckleberry ~Vaccinium
Joe-pye weed ~ Eupatorium Lupine ~ Lupinus Oregon grape ~ Berberis Penstemon ~ Pentstemon
Purple coneflower~ Echinacea Rabbit-brush ~ Chrysothamnus Rhododendron ~ Rhododendron Sage ~ Salvia
Scorpion-weed ~ Phacelia Snowberry ~ Symphoricarpos Stonecrop ~ Sedum Sunflower ~ Helianthus
Wild buckwheat ~ Eriogonum Wild-lilac ~ Ceanothus Willow ~ Salix  

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