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Regular Verbs Worksheet One of Two

Worksheet (1 of 2) on Regular Verbs

Mini Lesson

A verb is an action word. It tells what someone or something is doing. The regular verb tells something about the subject of the sentence and expresses actions, events or states of being.


Pow Wows are both a sacred and a social event for the aboriginal peoples.

"Are" is the regular verb. "Are" shows a state of existence.


Circle the verb in the sentences below. The first one has been done for you.

1 Pow Wows are a time for First Nations People to renew their bonds with their beliefs and traditions of their ancestors.
2 This is an opportunity that most people have to see authentic, native traditions.
3 A Pow Wow is an important tool for teaching the next generation about Aboriginal cultures.
4 There are drummers and singers that perform in the central area of the arbour.
5 A person who is being honored should give gifts to members of the community.
6 The Grand Entry is a parade of dancers, princesses, princes and invited dignitaries.
7 The Eagle Staffs, the national flag along with other flags are carried in by Veterans during the Grand Entry.
8 People are requested to stand to honor a deceased person.
9 Round dancing is performed at the beginning of a Pow Wow.
10 A Community Pow Wow is a great opportunity to enjoy family and friends.

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