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Regular Verbs Worksheet Two of Two

Worksheet (2 of 2) on Regular Verbs


Brightly colored beads are sewn onto the dancers' regalia in beautiful, intricate designs.


Write the verb on the line. Use the list of verbs from the table below or use your own words to complete the sentences.

List of verbs to complete the sentences.
is worn (2) were made are strung wear imitate covering
creates (2) wearing (2) Arranging create worn bob
mimic is (2) consists open Sewing produce carry
1 Fine handcrafted beadwork designs on buckskin regalia is the dress that is worn by the dancers.
2 Sewing beads onto buckskin creates the piece of regalia. Originally beads were made from conch shells.
3 Thin, hallowed out bones are strung together to produce a breastplate covering the dancers from shoulders to knees.
4 Arranging turkey, hawk, or eagle feathers in a radial manner, creates the bustle worn by honored men in the men's traditional or fancy feather dance.
5 The women's jingle dress is an apron with 365 cones all attached to it by a short ribbon. The women carry a white wing feather and purse while they dance.
6 Traditional dancers wear an eagle feather bustle shaped like a u pointing upwards, bells on their ankles and a beaded breastplate. The dance is a quest for game.
7 Fancy shawl dancers mimic butterflies in flight. Their shawls imitate the wings.
8 The mens' fancy feather dance consists of twin feather bustles, beaded headband, medallions, armbands and cuffs.
9 The grass dancers open the Pow Wow by stomping down the grass to create a smooth ground.
10 Women's Traditional Dancers bob to the slow beat of the drum.

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