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Singular Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Three of Seven

Worksheet (3 of 7) on Singular Subject Verb Agreement

Mini Lesson

Verb endings usually change to agree with the number of subjects you are writing about. First find the verb then find the subject by asking who or what did the action.


The Tour de France is the biggest cycling event in the world.


Circle the singular or plural verb in the brackets that sounds correct. Watch for the spelling rule of usually only one "s" in the subject verb agreement. Plural verbs usually drop the "s", and singular verbs usually add an "s".The first one has been done for you.

1 In 1902, two men(wanted / wants) to hold a bicycle race across the countryside of France, The Tour de France was (founded / founded).
2 For three weeks in July, The Tour de France (attract / attracts) and (delights / delight) the French people and visitors from around the world.
3 The cyclists (begin / begins) the 3, 427.5 kilometer race along a stretch of the French country road. They (ride / rides) for 22 days. From beginning to end, there (are / is) 20 stages, 7 of them (is / are) mountainous.
4 The 100th anniversary of the race (were / was) in July, 2003.
5 One of the greatest cyclists, Lance Armstrong, wanted to (win / wins) his fifth consecutive race on the 100th anniversary. He (accomplish /accomplished )his goal.
6 Riders (earn / earns) and (wears / wear) a certain colored jersey for each stage of the race. The mountain climbing stage (is / are) a polka-doted jersey. A green jersey (are / is) for the fastest sprinter and the white jersey (are / is) for the fastest and youngest rider.
7 It is a great honour for a rider to (wears / wear) a colored jersey during the race.
8 A rider does not have to (win / wins) one of the colored jersey stages in order to be (victorious / victory) in the final of the tour.
9 Twice in history, winners (finished / finishes) the race first without (take / taking) the prize of a colored jersey.
10 Lance Armstrong (stand / stands) out as the only cyclist to achieve (victory / victories) six consecutive victories in the Tour de France.

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