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Singular Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Four of Seven

Worksheet (4 of 7) on Singular Subject Verb Agreement


Noncount nouns cannot be cut in to parts or counted easily. They are thought of as a whole or they may be large, abstract ideas like nature or education. Noncount nouns usually have no plural form and take singular verbs.


The second most popular drink in the world is tea.

"Tea" is the noncountable noun. The singular verb used is "is".


Use the verb that fits the countable or noncountable noun in the sentences below. The first one has been done for you.

  Singular Verb Plural Verb
Present Tense is are
Past Tense was were

1 Water is the number one most popular drink in the world.
2 Tea was invented about 4,800 years ago and quickly became the second most favourite drink in the world.
3 The invention of tea was by accident.
4 Tree leaves drifted into Emperor Shen Nung's boiling water. He thought the taste was delicious.
5 People were enjoying tea in Europe from the early 1600's.
6 Tea was used to trade for other wares in some Asian countries. Merchants were buying and selling items with blocks of tea.
7 Thomas Sullivan was the inventor of the tea bag.
8 Little silk bags were sent to his costumers as samples. They were thrilled with the bags.

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Countable and Noncountable Nouns from the sentences above.
Countable Noun
Noncountable Noun
People (plural) were Water is (present tense)
Merchants (plural) were Tea

was (past tense)

Thomas Sullivan (singular) was taste was
bags (plural) were tea is
They (plural) were    
Count Nouns Noncount Nouns
apple (one apple, two apples) air, grass, weather, rain, snow
chair (a chair, several chairs) furniture, clothing, soap
child (the child, seven children) humor, intelligence, literature
computer (several computers) oil, water, milk (liquids)


To indicate the amount for a noncount noun, use a count noun first;

a pound of coffee a loaf of bread
an ear of corn a gallon of oil


The names of many foods are noncount nouns;

spinach, tofu, juice spaghetti, tea, lettuce

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