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Singular Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Five of Seven

Worksheet (5 of 7) on Singular Subject Verb Agreement


When we write a singular noun we must also write a singular verb.When we write a plural noun, we usually add "s", "es" or "ies". When we write the plural verb, we usually take off the "s". When we write a singular verb, we usually add "s".


A bark beetle chews through the bark of the tree.

"beetle" is a singular subject and "chews" is a singular verb. (note the "s" on the singular verb)


Write "c" if the correct verb has been used in the sentence or write "w" if the verb is wrong.

1 An insect, less than half a centimeter long, threatens the life of a tree.  c 
2 A bark beetle destroy stands of trees.  w 
3 Its scientific name, dendroctonus, means "tree killer".  c 
4 The tree are a source of food and shelter for the bark beetle.  w 
5 The mother beetle chew and tunnel between the bark and the wood.  w 
6 She lays her eggs in between the bark and the wood.  c 
7 Larvae hatch from the eggs and eat out their own tunnels.  c 
8 This destroys tree tissues and causes branches to wither and dies.  w 
9 Bark beetles cause the death of many trees. When there are fewer trees to feed on, the beetle population declines and the forest can recover.  c 
10 The numbers of most organisms are limited by food supply.  c 

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