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Singular Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Six of Seven

Worksheet (6 of 7) on Singular Subject Verb Agreement


Does your school have a playing field where you can play soccer, baseball and other sports?


Write the tricky verb "to have" using "have" or "has" so that the subject agrees with the verb. The first one has been done for you.

1 Humans have changed the appearance and use of the land on Earth.
2 Human beings have cut down forests and drained wetlands.
3 People have replaced these ecosystems with towns and farms.
4 A natural process has the ability to change the landscape as well.
5 Floods have enough energy to wash away river banks.
6 One drought has the capability of creating a desert.
7 A pest or disease has the potential to kill a forest.
8 Earth's environment has cyclical changes like the seasons or longer like the ice ages that altered the global climate over thousands of years.
9 Ecosystems and humanity have altered the atmosphere, water and land.
10 Of all the parts of the environment, the land seems to have remained the most solid and unchanging.

Present Tense Subject Verb Agreement

The Verb

To Have

Singular Noun and Verb Plural Noun and Verb
I have We have
You have You have
She has They have
It has

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