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Plural Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Three of Seven

Worksheet (3 of 7) on Subject Verb Agreement


Verbs sometimes change depending on the number of subjects you are writing about. For the plural subject and the plural verb to agree, they cannot both end with an "s".


A superstitious boy probably believes in bad luck.
"Boy" is singular subject and has no "s"."believes" is a singular verb and has an "s".

Superstitious boys believe in bad luck.
"Boys" is a plural subject and has an "s". "believe" is a plural verbs and has no "s".


Circle the plural verb that sounds correct.

1 Superstitions carry/carries many believes and life lessons.
2 The ladders leads/lead to the gallows. If Brian walk/walks under a ladder he will get bad luck. According to folklore, death notices him.
3 In Egypt, the Goddess Bast is a black cat. Christians tells/tell us that black cats crossing your path will cut you off from God and heaven.
4 It is believed that Gods lives/live in oak trees. Girls and boys knock/knocks on wood 3 times to make a tribute to the Gods. Knock on wood.
5 If you break/breaks mirrors it will bring you seven years bad luck because you have to work for that amount of time to re-pay the cost of a new mirror.
6 Jesus is crucified on Friday and 13 guests sit/sits with Jesus at the last supper with the 13th guest being Judas, the traitor. Fear of Friday the 13th history.
7 Romans pays/pay their soldiers in salt, hence the word salary. Soldiers throw/throws a pinch of spilled salt over their left shoulder to drive away evil spirits.
8 Etymologists claim/claims that the expression "get a lucky break" applied to the person getting the larger half when pulling at the wishbone. Others strokes/stroke the bone and make a wish; hence the name wishbone. Make a wish.

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