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Plural Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Four of Seven

Worksheet (4 of 7) on Subject Verb Agreement


Some verbs tell us what someone or something is or are.


There are golf courses all over Scotland.

(Scotland has golf courses.)


Write the verb on the line that best fits in the sentence. Pick from the box. The first one has been done for you.

1) There are many sports played in Scotland, one of which is golf.
2) Golf courses are often found around the Scottish coast..
3) They are normally 18 holes on a golf course although sometimes just nine.
4) Golf courses usually have clubs and members associated with them and this is how most people get access to them..
5) The people who maintain and look after them are often referred to has greenkeepers.
6) Cheating at golf is considered one of the worst things a player can do.
7) Some people think that a golf is an elitist past-time but this is becoming less true.
8) Golf courses that are build next to the sea are most often called Links courses as they are built on land that "links" the sea to the land.
9) Slow play is often the subject of golfers' complaints and some say it is killing the game.
10) Some golf clubs in Scotland did not not allow women to become members but most are now allowing women to join.


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Present Tense Subject Verb Agreement

The Verb

To Be

Singular Noun and Verb Plural Noun and Verb
I am We are
You are You are
He is They are
It is
She is

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