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Worksheet 4/7 on Subject Verb Agreement

Mini Lesson
Definition Some verbs tell us what someone or something is or are.

Gypsies are from all over Europe.

(Europe has Gypsies.)

Directions Write the verb on the line that best fits in the sentence. Pick from the box. The first one has been done for you.

1) There are many cultural groups that face extinction, one of which is the Gypsies of Europe.
2) Gypsies are originally from India and settled in Europe over 600 years ago.
3) They lived in caravans because they are mobile; Gypsies are a nomadic people.
4) Originally, they worked on farms or did construction work and traded horses, but now this trading is done within their group.
5) They are also entertainers and tradesmen who wear colorful clothing.
6) Eating together is considered a sign of friendship by Gypsies. They are conscious of cleanliness, separating water for cooking and washing is important to them.
7) The work Gypsies do is useful and appreciated by most of society.
8) In some countries, traditionally, as well as today, Gypsies are mistrusted, they are not welcome in many countries.
9) Germany is hostile towards Gypsies and in some Eastern European countries there is killing of Gypsies.
10) Many Gypsy Groups are moving into mainstream society and are becoming assimilated.


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Present Tense Subject Verb Agreement

The Verb

To Be

Singular Noun and Verb Plural Noun and Verb
I am We are
You are You are
He is They are
It is
She is

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