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Plural Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Five of Seven

Worksheet (5 of 7) on Subject Verb Agreement

Mini Lesson
Definition Verbs sometime change depending on the person you are writing about. The verb family "to have" is a tricky one.

I have two meat eating plants. He has two venus flytraps.

Directions Write "have" or "has" to complete the sentences. The first one has been done for you. (Read the sentences aloud to hear if they make sense to you.)
1 Some plants have a diet of meat, an insect. This diet puts them under the carnivores food chain category.
2 The venus flytrap has to move to capture its prey and has two kidney shaped lobes that snap shut once it is successful with its hunt.
3 Some plants have the dietary requirements of a carnivore.
4 The sticky sundew has sticky hairs that produce a glue like substance that cling to the landed insect.
5 Meat eating plants have several ingenious adaptations to eat.
6 Once they have landed, the struggling insect does not have much of a chance to escape.
7 The venus flytrap and the cobra lily have sweet smelling nectar.
8 These meat eating plants have enzymes that they secrete to digest the trapped insect.
9 The venus flytrap has to digest its meal for up to two weeks before they can eat again.
10 Insects have an exoskeleton that is not digested and blows away once the plant is finished its meal and opens their trap door.

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The Present Tense Verb Family "To Have"

Singular Plural
I have We have
You have You have
She has They have
He has  
It has  

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