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Plural Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Six of Seven

Worksheet (6 of 7) on Subject Verb Agreement


Some nouns are always plural and will need a plural verb.


Plural Nouns; trousers, scissors, glasses, goggles, leggings, pantyhose. tweezers, pliers, shorts, tights, jeans, binoculars, forceps, sunglasses.


Choose from the list of verbs below to complete the sentences. The first one is done for you.

Plural Verbs
are protect trim hold
see cut pull prune


Write the plural verb that makes the most sense.
1 Jeans are fashionable.
2 Scissors cut through paper.
3 Eyeglasses are expensive.
4 Clippers trim the hedges.
5 Shears prune the trees.
6 Tweezers pull out splinters easily.
7 Leggings and pantyhose are in the ladies department.
8 A pair of pliers will hold the pipe.
9 My ski goggles protect my eyes from the wind.
10 Binoculars allow me to see the bear in the distance.

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