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Worksheet 6/7 on Subject Verb Agreement

Mini Lesson
Definition Some nouns are always plural and will need a plural verb.

Plural Nouns; trousers, scissors, glasses, goggles, leggings, pantyhose. tweezers, pliers, shorts, tights, jeans, binoculars, forceps, sunglasses.

Directions Choose from the list of verbs below to complete the sentences. The first one is done for you.


Plural Verbs
are 3 protect trim hold
see cut pull prune


Write the plural verb that makes the most sense.
1 Jeans are fashionable.
2 Scissors cut through paper.
3 Eyeglasses are expensive.
4 Clippers trim the hedges.
5 Shears prune the trees.
6 Tweezers pull out splinters easily.
7 Leggings and pantyhose are in the ladies department.
8 A pair of pliers will hold the pipe.
9 My ski goggles protect my eyes from the wind.
10 Binoculars allow me to see the bear in the distance.

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