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Plural Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet Seven of Seven

Worksheet (7 of 7) on Subject Verb Agreement


The subject of every sentence is either singular or plural and that determines the ending of the verb. Plural nouns usually have an "s" and take plural verbs that usually do not end with an "s".


Hockey players score goals.


Circle the verb in the sentences below. To find the verbs in these sentences ask yourself what is the subject doing. The first one has been done for you.

Hockey Fame

Who is the greatest hockey player of all time? Many speculate between Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr.

Bobby Orr broke all the scoring records for defensemen. He influenced how the game was played. Before 1966, defensemen were big and slow players. They seldom shot at the net and scored. Defensemen were to guard their goal and pass the puck up to the forwards. Bobby Orr changed history for good. He would skate end to end and score.

Hockey scouts first spotted Orr when he was twelve years old. By the time Orr was sixteen, he was playing with twenty year olds and was an up and coming shining star. In 1966, Orr won the Calder Trophy as the rookie of the year. This was Orr's first year in the NHL. He went on to become the first player ever to win four awards in one season. He was honoured with the MVP, the leading point scorer, the best defenseman and the play-off MVP. He scored 100 points in one season.

Orr suffered from knee problems. He managed to play for Team Canada in 1976. Orr had 10 knee surgeries with no good results. Orr retired at 30 years old.

He shoots! He scores!

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