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Action Verb Worksheet One of Seven

Worksheet 1/7 on Action Verbs

Mini Lesson
Definition A verb is an action word. It tells what someone or something is doing.

We sing a song. "sing" is what the subject is doing.

"sing" is the verb, or the action word.

Directions Circle the verb in the sentences below. The first one has been done for you.


1) Clown fish swim between the coral reefs.
2) Church bells ring throughout the morning.
3) Mallard ducks quack at the large dog.
4) Flocks of geese fly into the clouds.
5) Diamond back snakes slither across the desert sand.
6) Arctic hare hop behind the hedge.
7) My neighbor is working in the garden.
8) The giant is frightening the villagers.
9) Packs of dogs steal the sausages.
10) Tulips blossom in Spring.