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Action Verb Worksheet Two of Seven

Worksheet 2/7 on Action Verbs

Mini Lesson
Definition Verbs tell us what is happening. A verb is a doing or a being word.

From behind a tree, the cat pounced suddenly. "pounced" is the action that the cat did.

Directions Read the sentence aloud first to hear which verb makes the most sense to you. Circle the verb that best fits in the sentence. The first one has been done for you.


1) Anika is (baking / running) a cake for the party.
2) Beside the hollow log ants (talk / march) searching for food.
3) She was (laughing /raining ) at the funny clown.
4) We (borrowed / smiled) books from the Library.
5) The children (talked/ barked) until the teacher came in the classroom.
6) James (wiped / danced) around the floor quickly.
7) Rob (waits / reads) for the bus every morning.
8) Carly (listened / ate ) for a moment to the beautiful music.
9) Tigers (teach / sleep) in the day and (hunt /buy) by night.
10) Grey-black clouds (floated / built) across the morning sky.