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Action Verb Worksheet Third of Seven

Worksheet (3 of 7) on Action Verbs

Mini Lesson
Definition The English Language is full of interesting and exciting verbs, so don't make the mistake of choosing ordinary, boring verbs to use in your writing. Powerful verbs can suggest so much more about characters, moods and feelings.

Boring: The old man went into the room.

Interesting: The old man stomped into the room. The reader starts to ask questions about why he was stomping. Was he angry? Was he stomping ants?

Directions Write the verb on the line. Use the list of words from the table below or use your own words. The first one has been done for you.
plastered strengthen steer tunnel birth balance
established swimming hide covered use sitting
construct gnawing flow assemble block ate dogs
1) Gnawing the hard bark, beavers ate their dinner.
2) Strong beavers construct massive dams to block the river flow.
3) Industrious beavers assemble large lodges to live in.
4) A beaver mother gives birth to up to four kits once every spring.
5) The beaver's lodge tunnel through underwater passages.
6) Mud is plastered on the outside to strengthen it.
7) Burrows are established along the banks.
8) Bank burrows are a place to hide.  
9) A beaver's tail is flat and covered with scales.
10) Beavers use their tail to steer when swimming or for balance when sitting on land.

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