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Action Verb Worksheet Fourth of Seven

Worksheet (4 of 7) on Action Verbs

Mini Lesson

A verb is an action word in a sentence. It tells what the subject in the sentence is doing.

Sylvia tasted the spicy beef stew.

Sylvia is the stew? I don't think so! tasted; therefore, is an action verb in this sentence. It is something Sylvia is doing.


Anne "tapped" on the back of her hand.

"tapped" is the verb.


Write the letter in the answer column that best matches the verb to the subject. The first one has been done for you.

answer verb subject
D Losing A terrible tantrums, Helen cried.
A Throwing B Helen was hard work for Anne.
E Moving C to the outside world, Helen was happy.
B Disciplining D her sight, Helen could not see.
F Hiring E into the cottage, Anne taught Helen how to communicate.
I Training F Nurse Anne helped the Keller family.
G Creating G codes of communication worked.
J Pumping H language, Helen was eager to learn more words.
H Understanding I Helen to use a spoon took hours.
C Connecting J water and coding the word for water helped Helen learn to communicate.

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